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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are we a Social Networking or Media Addict or Just Social?

I am a social person.  Media you mean?  Yes but we could be both.

I started using YouTube back in 2008 (at least that's my earliest uploads) and using Facebook about 2008 and creating a page for my work and connecting counselor - back aboard USS Nimitz using Facebook in 2010.

Up to now.

It's been a roller coaster of travel bragging and multiple check-ins on Facebook, oversharing of places and food on Instagram and most recently my weekly meetups with fellow entrepreneurs around Coastal Virginia (aka. Tidewater or Hampton Roads - I am a proponent to change it to Coastal Virginia but that is another "social" topic).

July 29 Networking by Maggie Portraits
Social media can be use to reinforce our face to face social activity by being yourself and not being too overly critical on "how should I approach her for a selfie?", "will it invade his privacy?", "am I too conceited to take a selfie with anyone?"

Of course, for ethical reason and courtesy - we need to use all our senses and catch the perfect time to take an Instagram or a FB Live.  Do you do it on church while on worship?  Do you wave your phone around all those people you don't know?
Selfie with fellow entrepreneurs

Those questions always come everytime you turn on your camera on a social event.  Just remember to be observant and don't use the camera or social media for our own self gain but for encouraging and connecting and inspiring other people.  We cannot please every GenX nor millennials or baby boomers but I will try to do what is pleasing to me and specially complimenting to my neighbors. If it's embarrassing myself could be pleasing and inspiring to others, why not (or the other way around - which is mostly the case).

That is how I social.  Am I social addict?  Well if it is a compliment, I can take it.

Here is a playlist of some "Real" Social Networking events I have attended and captured to share and connect with others.  Are they all pleased?  maybe.  Do we all look like normal people - using different senses to connect and reconnect with each other?  I would like to think so and I hope it helps our community.

You can click the Social Page menu bar on your left to connect and social with Mvoss Creation or myself.

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