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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Astrofamily Top 12 Movies

Staying home for this 3 day weekend to catch up with the areas around my new home Norfolk to get local as well as focus on my dissertation milestone and homework.

Last night was another family movie night:  Paranormal - an animation that adult can relate and must explain to an 8 year old kid to some of the questions about spirits and what happens when we die.  But I am not here to go deep but give a relax blog on some of the memorable movies we've seen in the past few months and what we can learn in life about it :

1.  Jack Reacher - identity

2.  Skyfall -

3.  Life of Pi -

4.  Cloud Atlas -

5.  Looper -

6.  Parental Guidance -

7.  Paranormal -

6.  Total Recall -

9.  Moonrise Kingdom

10.  Five Year Engagement

11.  Cabin in the Woods -

12.  The Intouchables -

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