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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I Chose The Apple (Advice to new Phone buyer)

I go for the underdog and usually want to be different & new and so I picked an Android for my new phone after 3 years on my Sony Ericcson flip phone and Go phone - it's time to go back to "contract" phone.  Chose the Sony Experia Adroid for 10 Reasons:
1.  It is  Google based
2.  I was happy with my old Sony Ericcson Experia
3.  Want to be different from my wife who has an iPhone
4.  Upgradable storage up to 32 gigs.
5.  I'm not stuck on Iphone Apps and you can't Crack an iPhone Apps.
6.  Broader or expansive line up of phones for later choices
7.  I was never a Mac & always a PC
8.  I am not a snub and usually go for underdogs
9.  iPhone versus dozen other phones (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC - combined forces) 
10. It's $100 cheaper
Ooops let me add 11:  bigger screen (not an iPad size but larger than iPhone for better view) It seems promising at first, then....

I used my wife's iPhone.  I returned the phone for the guaranteed 30 day return policy and switch to an iPhone 4G - here is why and I only have 5  Reasons:

1.    I got over $400 Premium Apps for free.  iPhone gives Apps to try for a day - you just learn to time them and download the FADD, AppBzr and other Apps that keeps an eye for a 24 hour free for a day apps.  I never had this experience on a Droid - most free Apps are junk except those Google based apps.
2.   For 45 days, i did not have any single complain on the phone.  Not even the price.
3.  We wanted to talk face to face via Face Time (exclusive Apple and Skype will not work so well on the other phone) and save calls when on WiFi.
4.  We can all share Apps even on Sam's iTouch.
5.  There is something mysteriously addicting in this phone.

It's still a mystery coming out with 10 Reasons to get an Adroid and only 5 lame Reasons to get an iPhone but  still prefer (after years of resistance that "I will not get an iPhone) recommend and even write a free blog on iPhone without any compensation from Apple.  How lame is that.
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