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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mental State Quiz for a 59 Years Old

The Mini mental state Table 9.3 Quiz from Folstein, M. was used to a 59 years old Hispanic female (neighbor) at around 6 pm when she was constantly disrupted with cell phone during the test.

Here are the following scores:
10 out of 10 for orientation
3 out of 3 for registration
5 out of 5 for attention and calculation
3 out of 3 for recall
6 out of 9 for language

During this process, the subject was busy working on her home business website. She was at first apprehensive but very participative all the way at the end of the quiz. I was at first doubting if the subject will wonder and ask: “What is the point of this quiz?” or “Are this trick questions?” and so I just told the subject that it was for a school project. With the simplicity of the question, I also thought she would get a perfect score.

If this test was conducted during her time of busyness or later time of the day, the score would have a lower score. Her level of alertness, attention and cooperation was at peak. Her memory, language, calculation and orientation were strong and flexible.

Later today, I have tried the other test on Table 9.4 with my spouse right after dinner. She scored perfect except for the attention and calculation of 100 and count backwards by 7. The first few questions were thought to be so simple until she came to be challenged in this part. She has her divided attention of reading an email while doing this test.

These Mental State test are simple and maybe effective in determining how focus the respondents are.

Butler, R. N., Lewis, M. I, & Sunderland, T. (1998). Aging and mental health: Positive psychosocial and biomedical approaches. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed International Publisher.
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