Friday, July 15, 2016

Lets Go! Back to the Community but Be Aware. My quick random thoughts on the Pokemon Go Fad

Unless I have tried something I would not comment anything about it. But before that let me describe this game in two sentences.

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game application that uses the camera, GPS and data (or WiFi) to track hundreds of Pokemon Characters embedded visually in your camera (like the photo here, that I shot last night).  You then swipe the red & white ball that you collected from sponsored establishments within the area and when you hit those Pokemon characters you gain certain scores and levels.

For the first time, I actually tried it last night and reach level 4 of Pokemon Go and played along with dozens of local people in my community in downtown Virginia Beach last night and here are my Pro-Con thoughts as a business owner, father and community member.

In Defense:

1. It’s an amazing way to get back to the community and start talking. We met diverse group of strangers (mostly teens and some open minded adults) and simply asking where did you see Picachu started a conversation that could have led to being normal human being again: talking with people.

2. It was a good half a mile walk seeing different site from my community again. Not only did I have a chance to walk after a big heavy meal at PF Chang but able to entertain myself losing some calories.

3. I was able to bond with my 12-year-old son searching for Squirtle and got excited calling me that he found Picachu (that could catapult me to level 5) in the corner of Virginia Beach Blvd.

4. It’s good for the economy and business by boosting visitation on establishments to gain more Pokemon balls (weapons to hit or catch a Pokemon).

5. It’s a free mobile game except for data usage and unless you purchase certain levels to advance. It cost me $500 when I first got the Wii Console then several games and where is it now? This activity has little investment.


1. It is dangerous when kids get into it and forget their surroundings on predators and those with bad malice to do harm on kids or teens.

2. Safety hazard for drivers and commuters for obvious reason.

3. Lost touch from actual use of telephone: to communicate. This includes rapid loss of battery or data. Also data usage for those who have limited services.

4. Time spent on running around catching Pokemon could be time well spent on reading, quiet time for spiritual renewal and other more productive activities.

5. Haters from those highly opinionated folks - who are against it and “kill joys”.  This creates division from those who can afford to play and those who have no time to play.

Are you for or against it?  I know most people will say moderation is always good but where is the fun of it when you become passionate about it?  I would say Go! for it, try it (it's good for Nintendo stockholders now up by $70 Billion and economy) and then you have the right to say something about it.

Photos were taken last night at Virginia Beach Town Center (downtown) after I first tried Pokemon Go! and our Fair Winds and Farewell Dinner for a friend visiting us from the Philippines in beautiful Virginia Beach.

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