Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Wish for My Friends and Family for 2016: FAST yet PEACEFUL

Happy New Year to my network and friends.  Here are some thoughts and wishes for the years to come.

Congratulations for completing your 2015 journey, your trials, our adventures and seasons of life. Time to move on to our next goals, prayers and commitment.
My prayers to us, my friends and network connected to the virtual sense is a renewed more vibrant yet quiet, joyful yet more content and progressive 2016 - in a F.A.S.T. world, let it be P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.

F-Focus Yet Free Spirited
I will now minimize cluttered multitasking like useless Facebook browsing or YouTube peeking.  How we can do it:  Maybe a little more organize and prioritizing work and some meditation will help us concentrate.  At the same time, I will continue to be independent - in that way become more creative and productive in the next 365 days.
A- Adaptable
As a 23 year Navy veteran I am used to moving around and adapt to surroundings around me.  As we become complacent with many comfort (as how I became accustomed to after I retired), I became less adaptable - so my prayer is to easily adapt to those around me without compromising myself. 
My wish is to be more socially connected, not in a "gadgetty" sense but more as a real people.  Let there be more real honest interaction face to face & on-line rather than posting an event or sharing a meme and snooping one another with comments. 
T- Truthful and Transparent
Stop trying to look good all the time or saving yourself from short period of minor discomfort by covering yourself with tiny lies and collage of niceties when there is something behind those beautiful facade.  It will sooner or later fade.  Being truthful and transparent makes us free and less stress.

P- Presentable

Show my best side.  This is not the opposite of being truthful but rather accentuating our best side so others can be inspired.  Show our best to others as a respect.  Watch what we wear, post, move, say - to keep us away from trouble and be immortalized in social media. 
E- Energetic
No more complicated diets plans nor short lived workout but real healthy living by watching what we eat, robust exercise daily routine and disciplined lifestyle in moderation. 
A- Active
I will attend an additional network or be proactive in social or community event such as Rotary, Toastmasters officer, Church volunteer, group activities.  It’s best to live in motion again. 
C- Caring and Charismatic
I will be more focus in caring to others as a result becomes more charismatic and be more effective in leading others to succeed and inspire others to live to the fullest. 
E- Enthusiastic

Let us be more passionate and excited on what we do everyday.  Let there be no more days that drag and put all our heart in every opportunity.  Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. 
F- Faithful
Have faith in something big and small, in our case I believe and have faith in something bigger than me:  God - our creator.  Create a longer quiet time with my Creator and devotion with our God Almighty through longer prayers and reading of His divine words and be more connected in His divine for He is also faithful.  Let us also not deny to have faith with others - in a sense believing or having faith that we and others can be bigger and better.
U- Understanding
I wish for more empathy and understanding of others.  This sharpens my ability to make better decisions by having a more effective people skill “seeing through other people’s eye”.
I wish to be better in listening with an intent to understand and fulfill all of the resolutions mentioned.  Some people listen with an intent to just reply but I wish that all start listening with empathy, be more quiet so more can hear.

The other selfish reason I wrote this FAST PEACEFUL piece is to remind me and hold all my friends accountable that this time my actual "New Year's Resolution" will not be a cliché but a real action in my part - and hopefully in your part as well.

Happy New Year and may you continue to follow your dreams and be inspired in the next few days to take action and really do it!
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