Thursday, November 26, 2015

My 365 Thank Yous

It's Thanksgiving. Time to set the table, turkey after traffic and say few things you are thankful for this year. And so the tradition goes.

We as family have at least 365 things and thoughts we are thankful for even on our stumbles, hurt, illness, sacrifice, challenges and many consider negative or not mentioning in a thanksgiving dinner when it is not resolve yet - all many considers negative cycles in our life.

Always be full of joy in the Lord, say it again - Rejoice! says Philippians 4 (read it again and again and notice God says - Always & Rejoice with an exclamation).

My Facebook or Instagram friends probably notice that I have been blessed and thankful almost everyday (well in some occasion some political and leadership opinions).  From almost mundane, silly to extravagant almost bragging for 365 days that most, I mean all (I know) are already tired of seeing in their feeds:
1.  Walking and running in cold winter night.
2.  Sam competing Rubik cubing competition.
3.  Getting good deals online like Amazon free apps.
4.  Staring at colorful Fall Foliage in the backyard to Shenandoah mountain.
5.  Driving from Seattle to Vancouver and seeing High School friends.
6.  Flying free in an almost empty C-40 Space A
7.  Taking pictures of my mom eating In and Out burger.
8.  Walking mom inside Ronald Reagan's Air Force One.
9.  Savoring and Instragramming Myla's original Miso Ramen Soup
10. Listening to my running playlist at the beach on Monday mornings with Daisy.

And 355 more to thank for that many may consider mundane or extravagant or self-indulgent even worth considering of unfriending me or blocked me on social media.

Thanksgiving for us is man-made once a year occasion to reflect Psalm 118:1-14 that says "In every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your request to God"

Should we not give thanks everyday?  Ever since I have been thankful for small things and then celebrating it (not necessarily sharing it all the time online), I notice I became richer.  I hope everyone becomes richer today, the start of a daily THANKS giving day, everyday.

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