Sunday, October 13, 2013

After One Year Moving to Virginia from California (Nostalgic about the West Coast) - October 2012-October 2013

It has been a great (some not so great) transition for us as family moving back to the East Coast (we moved from Oxnard to Connecticut in 2005 then back to California in 2008) and our journey was really an eye opening:  you cannot get used to changes how often you do it.

Nevertheless, we have seen so many places here in Virginia during the long day weekend trips (as usual) enjoying the beautiful places God has created for us to enjoy.

We can't help but to compare California and Virginia and what we missed in the West Coast during those long weekend day trips and even summer vacations.

Our highlights this year here was our 10 day trip to Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany) (using MACFLIGHT the same deal we did when we went almost 2 weeks in Hawaii), frequent trips to DC (The Capitol) and the amazing beaches of the Atlantic (my new favorite - The Outer Banks of North Carolina - no need for wet suit that I am used to in the cold water beaches of California).  Both coast or states are truly exciting for us.  But we are on the "right" coast now - live with it.

In between those trips, we did alot of short trips and week trip to many places in the West Coast which we missed here in the East Coast after 1 year of living here.

Here are some (I'll name 15 for now) of our favorite cities / visits last year (and some before) in the West Coast  that we wish we could go back and visit every weekend (Don't forget to check the photo-collages below):

1.  Bay Area: San Francisco, San Jose & Silicon Valley

2.  Hawaii (in 2010 with family & 2012 with RIMPAC)

3.  San Diego (Carlsbad-Legoland, North Island)

4. Orange County (Disneyland, Laguna Beach)

5.  Lake Tahoe

6.  Las Vegas

7.  Phoenix & Grand Canyon Arizona

8.  Los Angeles (Universal, Hollywood, Chinatown)

9.  Joshua Tree, Sequoia & Yosemite (Central Valley) National Park

10.  Los Angeles
11.  Santa Barbara

12.  Monterey

13.  Pismo Beach & Morro Beach

14.  Ventura County (Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Point Mugu, Fillmore)

15.  Pacific Coast Highway Beaches (From San Diego to the Redwood & Oregon)

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