Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top 24 Apps I Could Not Live Without Nowadays (Well, Almost)

I am in the process of deleting some useless Apps I downloaded- I thought at first was useful and now I consider obsolete.  I just want to share on what I am keeping and so that you save time in using certain apps for your iPhone (usually available in Androids too).  Why did I pick 24 (well that is how long I am going to stay in the Navy) - just because.

I am an Android convert to iPhone and with the advent of Samsung (Android) being branded as a copy cat - slapped with $1 billion penalty, I have even better reason to stay an iPhone loyalist.  It is the only Apple product in my household, I am a PC & Windows user but I really find iPhone apps to be useful and fun to use daily as if they are things I could not live without nowadays.  Most of this apps were paid but there are times they give it free for 24 hours and that is when I download them using various free app reminders like Apps Gone Free. 

1.  Best in Browsing & Social Media:  Flipboard - this is an all in one to browse the news, social media (including Facebook so it doesn't look like you are in Facebook all the time) with easier way of using your thumb browsing the internet & vibrant pictures.  (Alternate apps I am keeping:  Facebook,G+, HootSuite, Pages by Facebook, MyPad, Messenger & Twitter)

2.  Best in Monitoring Credit:  Credit Karma - get your credit report for free - for real.  Compared to those advertise using websites, this one was so easy to use.  Just fill out some private information like you do for applying a credit.  In less than 15 minutes I found out my credit score and it gets updated daily.

3.  Best in Getting Paid Apps for Free:  Apps Gone Free - get some of those paid Apps for free on certain days.  Better than previous similar apps who offer useless & apps that deserves to be free. (Similar apps:  AppBzr, AppAdvice)

4.  Best in Reading Daily Devotions:  YouVersion Bible - get all versions of Bible including devotionals like Rick Warren's Daily.  (Also, what I use at church during sermon for notes:  Crossway ESV Bible)

5.  Best in Travel Search:  Kayak - this is how we shop for hotels and plane tickets.  Sorts all prices from other sites like Hotwire,, Orbitz, Airline & Hotel companies.  (Other Apps:, AAA, TravelZoo)

6.  Best in Shopping:  Amazon - use this to scan or price check from stores before we buy them. Free shopping and usually the best deal still by far with Prime Amazon membership.  (Also:  Dealnews, Google's Shopper, eBay,, Backpage & Craigslist)

7.  Best in Networking:  LinkedIn - this is how I build up my professional network - so fast & easy to build a network and resume and get your mark out there.  (G+, MyPad, Facebook, Pages, Twitter, Messenger)

8.  Best in Looking for What to Share or Browse Online:  StumbleUpon - this is the way to browse of majorities favorite videos (YouTube) and sites to share.   

9.  Best in Showing & Keeping Photographs:  Shutterfly - I was surprised that this is still free and no wonder Kodak Gallery got bankrupt who charges me to keep all my photos yet Shutterly kept my over 100GB photos for free.  No more crashed hard drive and lost memories. (Also Photobucket, Pic Stitch, Postcard, ColorEffects)

10.  Best in Work Out:  Runtastic Pro - help me during my workout & track my distance.

11.  Best in Health:  Healthy Habits - gives me daily tips and intake & outtake on what is good and bad for my body.  (Brain Trainer, Navy Fitness, Heart Rate)

12.  Best in Food:  Epicurious - all the recipes for cooking.

13.  Best in Education:  iTunes U - get free formal training in videos from major university.

14.  Best in News (Video):  Newsy - digested news report from various news agency.  Reports are quick and concise and no wasteful information.  (Also keeping & use once in awhile:  CNN)

15.  Best in News (Reading):  News 360 - selected news from selected news agency with easy to browse reading menu. (Also worth it:  Time Mobile, Mail Online, Huffington Post)

16.  Best in Tour Guides (Country/State):  Trip Advisor - get the top 10 or 20 best of many locations around the world to save you time and money when traveling.  Unbiased because the ranking is done by real travelers. (Other useful app:  Park Finder Oh Ranger,  History Here - details your current location if there is any historical site worth visiting)

17.  Best in Restaurant:  Yelp - real reviews from real people.  Never missed any of the best tip on where to dine and eat at the best deal and direction.

18.  Best in Music:  Pandora - my old time favorite since 2004 on my PC.  Picks the best.  Just don't like the advertising but it's still worth it.  (Other music apps:  Tune in Radio, Grammy's)

19.  Best in Overall Search:  Google - who else.  Tried the new ones like Ask, Bing & Yahoo but this is a long time keeper.  (Other:  USA.Gov for official government document search, White Pages)

20.  Best in Camera:  Facebook Camera -   Remember FB buying Instagram for $1 Billion, well this is the new Instagram.  I also like Snapseed which has the best photo editing features.  I am still surprise some of my friends still uses Instagram.

21.  Best in Photo Editing:  Snapseed - so easy to manipulate photos and so instant much better than Instagram with camera also that you can use straight.

22.  Best in Check-In:  Facebook - just because it's majority wins.

23.  Best in Military:  Military Travel - complete military base information, contacts (Also:  Take A Hop - best gadget to book for Space A Mac Flight around the world with timely & updated information)

24.  Best in Social Game: Family Feud - I just love the game and this keeps me educated on what majority like and what is the most popular opinion.  (Also:  Bejeweled Blitz)

Until next Blog, I will post my Top 20 iPhone Game Apps (what Sam and Dad Tony Likes)  List

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