Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why We Selected to Move Back to the Other Coast

Last March I was penciled in for Navy orders for our next home station.  We have hold this information for 5 months now just to make sure our written orders don't get jinx before we finally move out of California to Virginia in 10 weeks.  Though I could Name Top 10 Reasons to Stay in California, I would like to highlight:

The Top 10 Reasons I Applied for this job in Virginia and Thanks to God my family was selected to move to Norfolk, Virginia in 10 weeks

1.  It has moderate climate for all 4 beautiful seasons.  We lived in Connecticut for almost 4 years after living in California for 10 years my family honestly enjoy the actual ambiance of fall, winter, spring and summer there.

2.  It's near the two major hub of the US:  New York & Washington D.C.  We enjoy all kinds of museum and enhancing our minds with just going out every weekend with different culture.

3.  It's full of history.  One of the oldest state with really strong values not only on educational tour for our minds but full of living history.

4.  In general better in education.  Everyone we have talked, this is the selling point for moving to Virginia.  In general, compared to California - it's better public education.  (Nevertheless, Sam went to the best school - Neutra in Lemoore Base).

5.  Better Job Market compared to Central California.  As possible last tour for me in the military and boost my 2nd career as businessman or civil servant, just browsing through USA Jobs, most of the jobs I get is from the DC / VA area versus the west coast area.

6.  Lots of states to visit.  It is all driving distance to almost 10 states vs. California:  Maryland, DC, NY, CT, MA, NC, SC, FL, GA, WV, etc. perfect for our weekend getaway family hobby.

7.  Near most of our friends & family.  Near my half sister and Myla's sister.

8.  AMC MacFlight to Europe.  We can take advantage of space "A" flight to many military air terminal in Spain, Germany or Italy.  Part of my benefit as active duty and retired veteran.

9.  Better business opportunity for MVOSS Creations.  Our promotional business did not do so well in Lemoore, California compared to how we did in Connecticut.  There is also more suppliers for our business in the east coast and better our chance to get contracts near the DC and Navy headquarters.

10.  Navy career opportunity.  The job description offered is for a higher ranking as Fleet Navy Counselor for Military Sealift Command with opportunity to travel and help Sailors of over 100 non-Navy ships around the world.

Besides the top ten, we wanted to live near the city (Norfolk), better tax incentives, also consider finding a better place and more affordable place for my mom, near many old friends from the Navy and possibly so much more.

Top 10 Reasons We are going to miss California:

1.  Friends and family in California (you know who you are!)
2.  The Navy Base facilities.
3.  Weather.
4.  Hollywood glamor & image.
5.  Beach.
6.  Sun.
7.  Mexican and Filipino community.
8.  San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oregon, Seattle and other nearby city.
9.  South Valley Christian Church.
10. Theme parks.

We definitely will not miss:  the air quality, desert, long drive to good places, valley fever.

So friends and family, please pray for our transition back to the east coast.

We will be busy in the next 10 weeks in moving coast to coast again.  And you know it, we will be doing our next ROAD trip.  We will suspense you with the details.
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