Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Top 12 Promises and Legacy as Family - From Tony, Myla & Sam - Forever

In this social media age of sharing every details of our life, it is hard to hide our personal life even if we choose to live the normal life - living in the social gadget modern lifestyle - that we enjoy. As everyone becomes more and more public figure, I would like to proclaim publicly our goals and promise to fulfill as family in living daily today and in the future.   I hope you consider to have your goals and share them too.  

I realized this is not all the goals and future intentions that we want to declare, we have tons more but hopefully here is a start to make us more accountable, we are making some of our goals blog-public - social media friendly - keeping up with the times.  Here is my family's Top 12 Goals, Promises and Legacy we would like to fulfill.  We (Sam, Myla & Tony) promise to:

1.  Live according to the will of God.    We will continue to do our devotion to our Lord daily through 6-10 minutes of alone time with God individually in the morning as we wake up.  During this moment we will seek for His guidance in obeying His rules and help us fulfill all these goals.  We will use our closet to either write in a journal or talk to God how we feel and how we want our day and weeks to go.

2.  Be conscious and aware of our savings & expenses.  We will not spend money in things we don't need or not help us develop a healthy life.  We will continue to buy and recycle our possessions from clothes to appliances to the maximum value.  We will always save more for the rainy days at least 6 months of salary.

3.  Enjoy the God-given playground once a week.  We will go out and explore the nature and blessings that God have given to us to visit, explore, photograph, remember and understand.

4.  Give 12% of all  our income to charity and church.  We will surrender everything we receive without any hesitation to others - not through capriciousness and wrongful desires of relatives and friends BUT to those who really have financial and material needs without feeling obligated but with our wholehearted desire.

5.  Exercise four hours a week at a minimum.  We will take care of our body through sports, aerobic exercise and daily workout as individual and as a family.  We will all be accountable to our daily routine to keep moving and maintain the required body fat and physical stamina.

6.  Eat healthier food with the right amount.  We will eat less and less processed foods, meat and eat more of greens and fruits daily.  We will cut down on rice, beef and other food considered healthy according to legitimate medical findings.

7.  Develop our minds and intelligence.  We will read more quality literature, maintain good health and exercise our brain visually and mentally to strengthen our minds.  We will cut back on television, internet and other passive entertainment and information overload.  (Practice:  2 hours of TV maximum - daily.  3 hours if watching informative shows like National Geographic, 60 minutes, Jeopardy.  4 hours Video game / week)

8.  Get more physically social and develop new friends.  We will attend more appropriate public events, go out and network with other people socially through coffee, party, BBQ, house visits and community services.  We will explore new relationship every week and expand our network and share our time and blessings to help others and develop pure, honest and loving relationship.  We would rather give more of ourselves than receive more of others. (Practice:  Join community service and national social clubs, House party or BBQ twice a month, entertain friends through visits, invite strangers for lunch & dinner)

9.  Reduce use of technology unless it is necessarily productive.  We will use social media, Internet, iPhone, TV and other gadgets less and limited to certain time.  We will stop using unnecessary electricity and passive entertainment but will only use this technology when needed.

10.  Strict discipline in school, work and business.  We will totally be focus and discipline in fulfilling our obligations as student, professional and business owner.  If in school, all homework will be completed during the week.  I will report to work 5 minutes before required time.  We will have an organize and professionally managed business and expand them daily (For Sam, homework will be done by 6pm. I will continue to improve work process and contribute to the success of the Navy or company that I work with.  Myla will attend business networking and hire employees & contribute to the national economy).

11.  Proper sleep and total rest.  We will not have any television and other things that will distract our sleep inside the bedroom and will have a minimum sleep of 8 hours per day.  (Practice:  Sleep no later than 1030 and wake up no later than 0630 every day including weekends)

12.  Improve and expand our goals by including others.  We will update this list as we improve ourselves and become better person everyday.  We will promise to be aware on the needs of other people around us and will share our love and this  personal legacy to others.

We pray and know that God will bring all these 12 goals to life and that He will use us by making our family better and as individual be a positive influence to many people whom we connect to daily. 
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