Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mental Illness and Elderly Counseling: What I Have Learned @ Capella

I have learned so many things just reading everyone’s postings. Reading and making the point to the case not knowing if I answer it correctly was quite revealing and eventually learning from how and what I post on each discussion. It’s ok to critique one’s posting but I also learn from good feedback. Here are just 10 of what I have learned in the past 10 weeks:

1. Age matters and it varies how you do counseling but as counselors no matter how old or what group or type of a person is, needs EMPATHY. (Demographic)

2. Internet has heaps of RESOURCES and information and it may add challenge or confuse a counselor looking for an answer but creatively, counselors can get the answer timely. (Website critiques)

3. It’s a MYTH that all elderly are weak. (Interview)

4. Every single patient's CULTURE (Religion, Ethnic background, etc.) must be integrated in all our counsel. (The Case of Mrs. Falcone)

5. Every age goes into TRANSITION so does the way or type of counseling should be correlated to current situation of patient. (The Case of Joel & Joan)

6. GROUP counseling helps patient see their shortcoming and strength in others. (The Case of Joel & Joan)

7. Counselors cannot get a perfect solution. In order to correct an issue (e.g. Divorce vs. Family's Health), a patient (counselor's advice or family) may have to CONCEDE into something. (The Case on Margaret, Jonathan & Ellen)

8. MEDICATION is complex and should be monitored and take into consideration in every session. (Medication Factor)

9. Counselors must NETWORK (outsource), LEAD or mentor others & be open to LEARN (or get a mentor) from other counselors by proper planning and organization. Managing a patient is priority and taking care of yourself and your team is another. (Drop out Rate)

10. Watching intelligently, counselors can learn a lot from a Hollywood MOVIE. (Film Analysis)

Tony Astro

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