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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interviewing a Senior

The couple I interviewed from home in Connecticut over the phone (military moved me here and just arrived here last night here in California in a very short notice and knows no one except my mom who is 5 hours away it took me a bit of struggle) did not react about the “senior citizen” but kindly answered the questions as follows:

1. Aging for them is accumulating wisdom. These folks are spiritual in a Christian way. They consider themselves old and just like wine, they should aged overtime and has more to offer as they grow old. The man in his 64 still works on a pharmaceutical company and waiting retirement next year.

2. They wish that they could have travel more or explore life more by being adventurous. Individually, the lady wishes that she could have given more time to their 25+ years old son who has his own family now.

3. Kindness to neighbor, love and service to family and country and enjoying life in any circumstances.

4. The death of her mother made an impact even though she was already on her early 50s. She and her mother had a very close relationship that when her mom died, she felt there was “a little hole that her mom left” and her husband continues to give her comfort.

5. She thinks that health and active lifestyle is important but what gives her strength is her community service to her church and relationship to Christ.

6. I thought the phone interview was fast and I thought it would be intimidating because I have only known them for about 5 months then we moved out from Connecticut. She did answer most of the questions and I thought her spiritual attitude towards life makes her a very approachable person and aging positively. Although she is on her 66, she does help her mother-in-law who is 85 years old and in a nursing home and very active in her church community, which makes her very mobile and flexible and communicates with our family who is in early 40s in the same level as we are, this flexibility I don’t see in most seniors including my mother.
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